Articles about binary options

  • 10 tips, advantages and benefits of trading binary options

    In this article we go straight to the point without filter and tell you what Binary Options are and provide you with the most valuable information in order to get a good start with Binary Options Trading and online trading. What are Binary Options? Binary Options are like a casino game or old fashioned betting. […]

  • Forex currencies – Double Tops and Double Bottoms

    To understand this you must know the composition of currency trades. Currencies are always traded in pairs because currencies get their relative value when compared against other currencies on the market – the foreign echange market. A pair could be EUR/USD, which covers the relationship between the Euro and the Dollar. In this case the […]

  • Forex currency options with binary options

    Currency options are an exiting way of investing with online trading and binary options. You will surely be tempted to trade with currencies – since it’s open 24/7. When the stock markets close currencies are continiously being traded. What influences the price of the currencies Currency rates play a huge part in the overall financial […]

  • Trading with Binary Options – more than just high’s and low’s

    The basic principle with binary options includes two choices, High/Low – will the market go up or down. This is still the most commonly used instrument – though we’ve seen more tools coming up all the time that give completely new opportunities for traders. Let’s go through some of the most common tools, available almost […]

  • Binary Options, Put or Call – predictions based on market trends

    The essence of trading with binary options is centered around the movement of the price of an underlying asset. Normally the price is always falling or rising, and the trader makes investements based on his predictions of the future development. You can base your “Call” or “Put” -choices with binary options on general market trends. […]

  • Starting with binary options through Demo Account

    A natural sceptisism is a good thing to have when analyzing the financial market. That’s why it might sound to good to be true, that you can earn quick money by “just” predicting the evolution on the value of a financial asset. You won’t become rich in two days but it is possible to make […]

  • Why – Why not – Binary Options? finds trading with binary options attractive, and sees it as an interesting way to apply your knowledge about the financial markets. Binary options and online trading has in certain articles, been victim of different forms of critisizm, which can be hard to handle as an investor. However, what some see as critisizm, we see […]

  • How to trade EUR/USD

    Forex is the most popular We at Bank-Invest.Eu asked our partners who offer binary options what are the most common trades with binary options. The results showed that around 35% of all trades with binary options are Forex trades with currency pair EUR/USD. It’s not surprising that a big percentage of all the trades is […]

  • Why mobile trading with binary options is necessary

    Turn Mobile Trading to your advantage Mobile platforms and APP’s gives you the possibility to quickly acces your account and take action on financial changes – with possible rewards to follow. One of the keys to success in the field of binary options trading is a constant access to the latest market news and financial […]

  • Risk management with binary options

    Binary Options are an online trading instrument like many others – and if you consider them as part of your investment portfolio, they have to be caracterized as a high-risk product – and your approach to the investments should be determined afterwards. It’s up to you to find your level of risk and to find […]