• New Binary options review of Banc de Binary

    New site, new possibilites and a new binary review at One of the largest brokers in the online world of binary options has new layout and a new sponsorship announced. Review of Banc de Binary Stylish, modern and with the best start up bonuses you need as a beginner in binary options – more […]

  • Your own Demo account – best practice for Binary options

    How should you start? This is all still new for you, all kind of trading online and you feel like a beginner? You need to know where to start – to get the best user experience. Read more at to get at grib of the binary options markets possibilites. Start trading binary options with […]

  • Optimism or concern in the US

    While the DOW and S&P500 closed at an all-time high this Monday it involves great risk investing in the US. However, several major players, such as Apple, continue to show good numbers so maybe the US economy is not that shaky after all. Dollar at a high level The Dollar continues to remain at a […]

  • Binary Options – you agaist the market

    If you make small but prevalent mistakes too often it can have a huge effect on the overall results. It’s all about knowing the fallout groups that can destroy your deals. Binary options is not an investment association run by clever people that have many years of experience in the game. It’s you against the […]

  • The binary options market – simple trading

    The structure and way of trading is simple – will the asset go up or down? That is the only decision you have to make, after which you can set a time horizon for the contract and place your investment. Congratulations, your trade is now active. The trading platform doesn’t trade your asset but offers […]

  • ECB to decide Wednesday

    The situation right now Growth in the euro countries has not yet been at a satisfactory level even though we are moving in the right direction. Several economists and analysts have pointed out the necessity and the expectation of the ECB to massively buy up government bonds. The possible acquisition of government securities in the […]

  • Stock markets continue to rise

    But could it be so simple that as equity markets continue to rise short term it turns into a solid short-term investment as well? Analysis suggests that it is in fact so. The reason is that market forces have been sidelined. The Central Banks are afraid of what happens if interest rates go up and […]

  • Forex is popular within binary options

    One of the main reasons that a currency pair is traded vigorously, is the good trading possibilities and long opening hours. For example, the EURO vs. US DOLLAR currency pair can be traded at most places from monday to friday from 00:00 to 23:59. The popularity comes especially from the fact that they are world’s […]

  • What is Forex PIPS

    What’s genius about Forex is that it’s one of the biggest financial markets in the world – and there are many contributors, meaning that countries and institutions alone cannot control the evolution of the market. Basic knowledge about Forex trades Currencies are always traded in pairs and we take reference in the British Pound against […]

  • BD Swiss Binary Options Trading Setup

    BD Swiss has just changed their minimum deposit requirement and you now have to pay a 200 euro deposit to open an account at BD Swiss. We here at Bank-Invest think this is unfortunate, and we’ve asked them to revert back to the 100 Euro minimum deposit – we are still waiting for answers from […]