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TradeRush is a well known choice for trading binary options on a number of different assets, and they’ve been around since 2011. Because their software platform and service is designed to be easy to use no matter your experience level, they’re definitely a good option for people who are just starting out.


The Traderush platform offers a diverse selection of assets to trade

With Traderush you’re typically going to have anywhere from 140 to 160 assets available for trade here. There is a good selection of indexes, popular stocks, commodities and currency pairs to choose from. This means that people who are new to binary options will have no trouble finding a good fit that they can specialize in whether it’s precious metals like gold, silver and platinum or whether it’s Forex.

A number of options are also available with the very popular 60-second choice leading the pack. You can go for a number of different time periods from 60 seconds to six months, but the lower end of the time scale gets the most action. It was mentioned earlier in this TradeRush review that they have a simple interface for picking your options that shows the graph for the asset with your payout. It’s important to note that the payouts here are average and in the range of 70 percent for the most part. However, what compensates for this is the fact that you’ll often get 10 percent refunds if your choice is wrong, and this adds more value than many people realize.

The market for people who want to get in on trading options has grown enormously over the past several years. Along these lines, most people have found that binary options are the easiest way to get into the financial markets because it’s relatively simple to understand how they work.

Here is a list of tradable assets:

  1. Stocks (e.g. MasterCard, Dell, Netflix, Vovlo)
  2. Forex Currency (ex. EUR/USD, EUR/JPY)
  3. Commodities (ex. Gold, Oil)
  4. Index (S&P 500, DOW, NASDAQ)

Traderush account levels

Something that needs to be pointed out in this TradeRush review is that they are all about giving people a customized experience that fits their own personal needs. This is why there are five different account levels based on five different deposit sizes that allow you to commit to an amount of money that works for you. The Mini Account only requires a deposit of $250 to get started, and this can fund your account for quite a while as you learn the ropes. A Standard Account at TradeRush needs a deposit of $500, and the Executive account asks for a deposit of $1,000.

You’ll see in this TradeRush review that they are notorious for how newbie-friendly they are with all aspects of their operation. However, they also cater to experienced veterans with their Gold and Platinum Accounts. The Gold Account is for people who want to deposit $5,000 and up, but if you make that deposit worth a minimum of $10,000, then you’ll be given a Platinum Account instead. This is the highest account they offer. Each level of account has different perks, but everyone gets extras at TradeRush.

Bonus opportunities

When you make your initial deposit to fund your account at this site, you’ll be given a bonus based on your deposit amount. The exact terms of your bonus will depend on which account level you have, and the account levels can be seen above in this TradeRush review. The idea is that you’ll be given a matched percentage of your deposit, and the higher account levels are given larger bonuses.
For a Mini Account deposit of $250, for example, you might be given a 20 percent match. Since 20 percent of $250 is $50, your bonus is worth $50, so you’re essentially starting with $300 total in your account. To help prevent abuse of these offers, they require that you make a minimum amount of trades based on a multiple of your bonus amount that can vary from 30x to 50x depending on which bonus level you’re given.

Note that refunds are often available when you lose as a sort of consolation to help minimize your risk. You’re required to trade a multiple of 20 times these refunds before you can request a withdrawal for them, but they can be used right away in new trades.

Software platform

The Traderush software platform is provided by SpotOption, one of the more well-known names in this part of the industry. Because their software operates completely inside of your web browser, you won’t have to download anything to get started. What’s more is that you can use this platform in any operating system as long as you have an updated Internet browser, and that’s one of the things that really makes TradeRush appeal to a wide range of people.

A consistent theme for TradeRush is that this site cares a lot about making it easy on people who are new to trading. In the software, it’s very easy to navigate to the types of assets you want to trade, and the actual trading screens are set up in a very organized way. It can be very intimidating for people who are new to trading because of this mental image people have of there being a ton of different graphs and charts going in different directions. With TradeRush, you’ll have a simple interface that shows the graph for the asset you’re looking at trading and all of your choices and available payouts for how to trade for that particular asset.

TradeRush offers both Android and Iphone App, so that you have the possiblity to use the site without complications. Trade binary options with your mobile through this platform.

TradeRush offer both the possibility to diminish your loss, if you discover that your prediction was wrong, or double your profit if yout feel you’re on the right track. Both are instruments that should be used with care but when you predict the situations correctly, it can be an advantage both ways.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can use a number of major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and others. For larger transactions, bank wires are also available.
Withdrawals at TradeRush come reliably and within a reasonable amount of time, typically inside of a few days. Overall, this is a solid option for people who are new to trading.

Here are 5 good reasons to pick TradRush

  1. Flexible trading possiblities
  2. Offers Rollover
  3. Offers Double Up
  4. Mobile solution via APP
  5. European focus

What TradeRush is missing

TradeRush doesn’t offer a Demo Account, you are forced to trade right from the start. TradeRush is not licenced by CySEC, and therefore not regulated through EU.

We can only hope that TradeRush open their eyes to the even more assets, so that more traders can trade shares, currencies and indexes in their own country.

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